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About Us

We’ve been outdoors enthusiasts for over 30 years. Avid hikers, backpackers, and love fishing. Our favorite destination is the California Sierras. We started looking at trailers and weren’t sure what we wanted but knew the traditional trailer and campgrounds were not the camping we wanted.

 We came across Off Grid Trailers in the fall of 2020 during the height of the pandemic these were exactly what we were looking for but didn't know of anyone who had them as they were relatively new. We made the drive to Lake Havasu, Az. where met Randy in January 2021 and chose the Expedition for the capability and how it looked. We ordered the Expedition on the spot and finally received our trailer nine months later. On the way home, we couldn't stop smiling. 


We met Daniel and Terry through an Overlanding event on Veterans Day, and four months later, we made our first trip together.  We instantly bonded and thought we should form our own OGT Overlanding group. After many laughs during the late-night campfire, we all joked about our body aches, pains, and surgeries, and how we are all broken one way or another hence Broken Down overlanders was born. 

- Paul and Alma

Our family enjoys camping at the time we owned an RV. However, this changed immediately when our boys wanted to go where the RV couldn't. 

Daniel and I went on our first overland adventure and realized how amazing it was. We knew then we weren't experiencing everything our backcountry had to offer.

Yup, we sold the RV...Of course, one of us wasn't ready to give up all the luxuries of a nice warm bed and hot shower. After much research and choices, we purchased an OffGrid Trailer, the Pando 2.0. Our family is now ready and excited for each and every exploration.

- Daniel and Terry

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